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Once you’ve added your site you can immediately start sending traffic to it.
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You can add as many sites and landing pages as you want free of charge.
Traffic control
Set the duration of visits, daily and hourly traffic limits, and the unique IP interval.
No interruptions
Our watch-dog script detects and blocks all the pages that try to interrupt your surfing.
Specify the countries from which visitors should come or receive worldwide traffic.
Custom source
Rebrand the traffic source by setting it to direct hits, search, social media or custom URL.
Priority traffic
Boost your traffic with the PRO plan and get three times more visitors to your sites.
Live statistics
Track your surfing activity and traffic to your sites with our advanced statistical tools.
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You can make money by selling surfing credits earned by you and your referrals.
Referral bonus
Get up to 15% of all credits that your direct referrals earned for surfing.
Lowest prices
If you need more traffic you can buy it at any time at the best price in the market.
HitTex friendly
Earn extra traffic on Traffic Miners and other autosurfs with the HitTex surf browser.
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We add more value into our free plan than many others do in their paid subscriptions! Add unlimited sites, manage the visits duration, as well as daily and hourly hits limits, set up any sources, including search engines and social media, all free of charge.
For those who need even more, our affordable pro plans add to this a lot of monthly bonus credits, advanced geo- targeting options, faster delivery of traffic, and a larger referral commission.
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Do you earn more autosurf traffic than you send to your sites? Don’t you have a site at all? Then you can sell the extra traffic that you don’t use thru the Traffic Miners trading platform and make up to $0.80 per 1000 hits!
If you are interested, you can even launch an online traffic store under your own brand with zero investments! Start selling website traffic, banner impressions and email advertising to thousands of website owners and earn 80% from all sales paid directly to you!
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Trafic Miners is fully compatible with the HitTex surfing browser, which allows you to surf on all major autosurf traffic exchanges at the same time and earn tons of traffic 24/7 on full auto-pilot.

HitTex automatically logs into your accounts on all the popular autosurf traffic exchanges, loads their surfing pages into separate browser tabs as they are, and then tracks the surfing process, preventing it from being interrupted by frame-braker pages.

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